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Sydney’s north shore has many different dwellings, from luxury spacious waterfront homes to tiny apartments and everything in between. As such, there isn’t one-size-fits-all when it comes to kitchen renovations.

A kitchen can be a complicated space to renovate that requires meticulous attention. You must keep the aesthetics in check while optimising all the space for maximum functionality and integrations. 

At Sydney Kitchens, we’ve been renovating these spaces in homes for over 20 years, and we’ve seen it all. 

Our team are the experts when it comes to north shore kitchen renovations. Here’s why:

The Best Kitchen Renovations on Sydney’s North Shore

Sydney Kitchens provides unparalleled quality, craftsmanship, and service, making us the leading kitchen specialists on the North Shore.

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We Love To Renovate Kitchens

Our experienced team knows what your kitchen needs to become a beautiful and efficient space with maximum functional capacity. 

Throughout our working experience, we have also gained considerable industry knowledge and have excellent connections with all the local suppliers. We know how to source the best quality materials for your kitchen at the most competitive prices. The renovation process is as streamlined, personalised, and customised as possible.

Our experts will take your input along each step of the process, considering your aesthetic preferences and likes and dislikes before proceeding with the whole design and renovation. We take personalisation very seriously and always cater to our client’s needs. 

Fantastic kitchens are what we do, and we do it better than anyone.

At Sydney Kitchens, we are North Shore’s premier kitchen renovation experts. Our unrivalled craftsmanship, creative designs, and dedicated service make us the preferred choice for your dream kitchen.

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Why choose us

Extensive Consultation

Personalisation is one of the core features of our North Shore kitchen renovations. We conduct extensive consultations to understand our client’s vision and how they plan their kitchen to be. 

We also do in-depth assessments of the kitchen space and provide helpful advice where needed to ensure the final results exceed your expectations. You can feel confident we’ll complete your renovation according to your liking. 

Fixed and Reasonable Pricing

A kitchen renovation is a costed project. Therefore, we don’t add extra charges as the project proceeds. We work on fixed quotes prepared after in-depth assessment and calculations of the project site. 

With us working on your renovation project, there won’t be any hidden charges. We value transparency on both ends. You only pay for what’s written on the paper. If something unexpected still comes up during the project, we’ll let you know before proceeding.

Workmanship Guarantee

A workmanship guarantee covers all of our North Shore renovations. This means if anything goes wrong after we’ve renovated your kitchen or if you feel something needs to be improved, you can call us immediately. 

We’ll attend to your needs without any additional costs. We take pride in our quality of workmanship, and we make sure to maintain it with every new project entrusted to us.

Quality Project Management

Once the consultation is over, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and watch your kitchen become the dream space you always imagined. 

Our dedicated project managers will take over from there and look over every aspect of the project, from coordinating tradespeople to finding suppliers. Your project will progress smoothly while fully staying within the proposed budget and timeline. 

We’re the Best Renovators In Town

With decades of experience, thousands of satisfied customers, and hundreds of stellar reviews across multiple online platforms, we’re a name you can trust — plus, we’re local. 

This means there’s a good chance one of your friends, relatives, or neighbours must know us, so it’s always easy to confirm our past work history. 

As North Shore residents, we know what your kitchen needs to look better and stay relevant for a long time. 

All the solutions included in our renovation packages are designed per your area’s particular conditions, ensuring everything lives up to its age without premature damage and faults. 

What Our Kitchen Renovation Packages Include

A kitchen renovation is an all-in-one package that includes many things, from demolition to reconstruction, sometimes restructuring and many things in between. 

Here at Sydney Kitchens, we provide the following in our North Shore Kitchen renovator packages: 

Demolition and Removal of Existing Structures

A perfect renovation process consists of many baby steps. One of those is demolishing and removing existing structures to make space for new ones. This is the initial part of our complete service. 

Structural Modifications

Structural modifications are another part of our service that includes modifying and expanding the kitchen space and optimising space for maximum usability and function. 

We ensure that all the modifications are done so that the kitchen space is well-utilised without compromising the overall aesthetics. 

Plumbing and Electrical

When renovating a kitchen, the electrical and plumbing works are two things you cannot ignore, both in terms of functionality and overall safety. Here’s a list of plumbing and electrical things included in our Northshore kitchen renovation package: 

  • Sink installation
  • Dishwasher installation
  • Refrigerator waterline
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Gas relocation
  • Water filtration system installation
  • Gas range connection
  • Grease trap installation
  • Drain prevention
  • Lighting installation
  • Outlets and switches
  • Appliance wiring
  • Electrical panel upgrades
  • GFCI outlet installation
  • Appliance circuit upgrades
  • Smart home integrations

Other services

Our Northshore kitchen renovations also include other basic and advanced work, including, but not limited to, painting, flooring, cabinetry, and lighting. It’s a complete renovation experience that brings your dream kitchen to life through sheer attention to detail.

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We’ll answer your questions, listen to your concerns, and give you expert suggestions before giving you a fixed and convenient time at which the project will commence. 

Our team will reach you at the designated time and date for all the necessary assessments, giving you a fixed quote. We’ll start working straight away upon your approval.

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